Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Laser Targeted Guidance

So I wasn't gonna post today, but Helen went and saw my posts and reminded me that I haven't posted in a while. So that confusion of the last post is still definitely bugging me it's weird, I definitely feel like I am going to have to do it to just get it off my chest soon.

But with that said now I'm going through something else, cause the other day I was thinking about Afghanistan and I thought damn we've got it made we go on with our lives as if we aren't at war yet people in Iraq and Afghanistan are experiencing the war every day of their lives right now. So a thought passed through my mind. I have not told anyone that this has gone through my mind. Bear with me for a sec don't go crazy, but thoughts of joining the armed forces has passed through my mind. My rationale for this is not for some patriotism that's a minor reason I don't really want to fight for people who forget that people are suffering over in other places I really want to do for the people of these areas where they have family dying, I want to do my best to help them in this most dire time of need. But idk this is just a confusing and tough time in my life and I'm not really sure about anything.

I went on Emmaus last week and that really helped reconnect myself with God. It was definitely the greatest of all my Emmaus retreats and it brought me more humility and insight into how God works. I love all of my brothers and sisters in God and I am truly happy that I have acknowledged that God is working in my life, so I'm going to ask him for guidance through this confusing time in my life.

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