Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Health Care issue

As a lower middle class college student, I feel that health care should be offered to everyone even if they cannot afford the expensive plans the insurers have. My parents on paper have enough money to pay for their own health care, but in reality it is a strain. The bills and mortgage and all that goes into managing a family makes having to pay for health care on top of that a strain on our lives. I am afraid that when I get out of college I won't have insurance for myself. I already have college loans that are going to end up putting me in debt. Health insurance is an issue for me because, if I lose it not only do I lose the ability to go to the doctor or the dentist, I also cannot go to my rehabilitation for my hip that was dislocated this past March. With the money I will owe after college it is also going to be a strain to pay for my own health insurance. Everyone has a right to function normally. People should not be hampered and handicapped by health issues because of a lack of money. As college students who see diversity everyday and also see handicapped people on our campuses everyday, don't you feel that every day functionality is important? We cannot allow this important right to be lost for people just because the financial backing is not there. The truth is that many americans don't have health insurance and cannot function normally because of it... We have to help out our fellow Americans and change this soon.

Another aspect of health insurance that has been getting a lot of attention lately due to the outburst from Joe Wilson. As an immigrant to the United States, I agree with Mr. Wilson that illegal immigrants should not get all of this health care. However, I also believe that with the input into our economy that immigrants have they should however not be denied treatment. I believe that with them signing up for this health care that they should be signed up to become legal residents of the country. Because honestly this country does have a flawed immigration system that I have experienced myself. So with the fact that they make money for the government in other ways than just taxes and the fact that the immigration system here sucks I don't believe that we can completely leave these immigrants out of the picture.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rey Rey becoming a monk!

Haa no I am not gonna go to the extreme but I did go to a meditation... class? I guess you can call it that.

I went because my favorite class' professor invited the class to go as a student activity thing she has going on... only me and this other guy Noah ended up going >.< but I went in not knowing what the hell meditation was about... so the instructor- Hattower I think was his name... he starts explaining what it's like and asking around the circle for people's names you know the usual pleasantries... and I'm diggin it and then we get to the actual meditation and I'm all zenned out and just with myself no one in the room even existed at that point for me just me and the occasional passing of thoughts.

The result? I love it! I'm making it a part of my daily routine cause the way I felt afterwards is just amazing to me.. no worries no judgements just me it was beautiful I have to say it is the first time I've felt that way in a while if not ever! I definitely recommend meditation to anyone reading this it's a great way to get yourself and clear your mind. I have decided to go to this meeting every Wednesday and anyone going to St. John's reading this should try it as well they meet every Wednesday in room 119 of Marillac.

Man the stuff that I'm learning through college is simply amazing... I love it!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Beginnings of a new stage

So I'm into my second week of college and I'm just getting settled into the routine of the work and the times that I go to bed and wake up. I'm loving the experience though because it's like you have an authorative figure yet they aren't constantly on your back with the assignments... I'm responsible for keeping tabs on what and when things are due when there are tests what readings I'm responsible to know and it makes me want to do these things instead of dreading the fact that I have the professor on my shoulder forcing me to do things or constantly nagging. Then of course there is all the stuff there is to do on campus! It's like you really can't be bored because there's always something new to try or an event taking place and I absolutely love it. I feel like I'm definitely taking a turn for the better in my life in both intellectually and socially. It has surpassed my expectations and provided me food for thought.

Just recently I was having a conversation with my godfather about how humans are diconnecting from everyday life... all sprung from an article that I read in English class which I otherwise would not have read. It's like this we are becoming so reliant on our technology that we don't bother remembering birthdays numbers addresses and when we want to know something we just look it up on google no more going into in depth research on something. Honestly if I didn't have my cell phone or my laptop I would not be able to communicate with barely anyone because I know no numbers by heart and addresses are even worse. And on the topic of google... it is becoming what the oracles were to the greeks... wanna know the weather tommorrow ask google, wanna what illness you are suffering from ask google, wanna know what you should name your child! ask google. Don't get me wrong google is an awesome tool that I believe we should use less I am going to make a concious effort to look into things myself more in depth and I think the rest of us should try to also.

So yeah that's just one thing that sprung out of my college class. And there's management which I have to write a career plan for and it's not one of things I've thought of doing which everyone should do, but weirdly I hadn't so that's good that it's mandatory cause I would have done it sooner or later, but it's better now rather than later, and I get credit for it too.

So if I had to rate my classes so far it would have to be English comp would have to be my favorite because it makes me think and brings in other subjects into the class so I'm not stuck on one subject Least favorite would have to be philosophy it's so freaking boring and it's just all over the place right now which really gives me a headache cause I get confused as to who the heck she's talking about.

Other than that I've joined the legal society club which helps with the whole law major thing. And looking forward to taking a judo class on Tuesday. The whole span of things available to do is amazing... In short I love college.

Anyways that's my college life these past two weeks there are other stuff, but it's too much to post.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Political Machines

So today I was watching president Obama's address to Congress which I had missed on tv so decided to watch it today. Couldn't help noticing that as I was listening to Obama say that he had been thinking upon the letter written to him by the late Ted Kennedy if it was really true was Obama the person really thinking upon the letter or was it just a political stunt by Obama the president as some say.

Politics has taken away the humanism from the people involved with them they are no longer people. Everything they do is a part of some hidden agenda. I hate thinking of it this way but that's just how I feel like they are political machines that would say things just to make people think of them in a better way. No matter how much I like Obama that little shadow of doubt has always been there whether he's being honest as a man or just playing his role as the Head of all the other machines.

And it's like these machines are programmed to agree with their manufacturer a.k.a their political party and disagree with the evil other side... I'm tired of it having to hear one side say the same thing over and over again and not have a single individual speak and hear of his own thoughts about what is going on.

I wonder if these androids have lost all humanity and just say what they're programmed to say or if they really do see and feel the problems of the people they are supposed to represent.