Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Health Care issue

As a lower middle class college student, I feel that health care should be offered to everyone even if they cannot afford the expensive plans the insurers have. My parents on paper have enough money to pay for their own health care, but in reality it is a strain. The bills and mortgage and all that goes into managing a family makes having to pay for health care on top of that a strain on our lives. I am afraid that when I get out of college I won't have insurance for myself. I already have college loans that are going to end up putting me in debt. Health insurance is an issue for me because, if I lose it not only do I lose the ability to go to the doctor or the dentist, I also cannot go to my rehabilitation for my hip that was dislocated this past March. With the money I will owe after college it is also going to be a strain to pay for my own health insurance. Everyone has a right to function normally. People should not be hampered and handicapped by health issues because of a lack of money. As college students who see diversity everyday and also see handicapped people on our campuses everyday, don't you feel that every day functionality is important? We cannot allow this important right to be lost for people just because the financial backing is not there. The truth is that many americans don't have health insurance and cannot function normally because of it... We have to help out our fellow Americans and change this soon.

Another aspect of health insurance that has been getting a lot of attention lately due to the outburst from Joe Wilson. As an immigrant to the United States, I agree with Mr. Wilson that illegal immigrants should not get all of this health care. However, I also believe that with the input into our economy that immigrants have they should however not be denied treatment. I believe that with them signing up for this health care that they should be signed up to become legal residents of the country. Because honestly this country does have a flawed immigration system that I have experienced myself. So with the fact that they make money for the government in other ways than just taxes and the fact that the immigration system here sucks I don't believe that we can completely leave these immigrants out of the picture.

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