Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thoughts on a bus ride

So I’m on the bus while writing tihis and a thought just occurred to me. Everyone always says life is too short blah blah blah I think that’s crap. Life is long as heck it’s just that we get too wrapped up in routine that we don’t do all the possible things we can do. Take sex for example teens get so wrapped around the thought that life is too short so “I have got to experience sex now”. They thnk that sex is a right for them, so much so that now it’s become a staple in our society that’s it’s weird or uncool to be a virigin past your twenties. I say eff that sex is not a right given unto us all. It’s an experience, just like everything else in life. Don’t get me wrong I hope to one day meet a beautiful girl for meand then we can go animal crazy (I hope she’s a freak lol… but not too freaky cuz then that’s scary) but I’m not gonna go around chasing every ass or every pretty face or those 36D’s it will happen when the time is right. OR I may end up never experiencing sex at all, but then I could experience tens of thousands of things that would be way more fun than sex. Life changing experiences or simple stuff like piling all up on your friend s on a rock just talking taking pics and chilling (if you’re reading this you know who you are : ] …) As for all you people wrapped up in your parties and your drinking till you throw up and your random sex encounters. Good luck to you I hope all goes well, just don’t complain that life’s too short when all you’er doing is a routine of the same ish over and over again. Just sayin.

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