Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lost and Found

Soooo crap it's been a month since I last posted haha, uh a lot of stuff has happened in that month so the following will be a basic overview of everything that was lost and stuff that I've found.

First of all, I've been getting a lot of questions from girls about my love life lately, which I found slightly awkward and just would like everyone to know that yes I am single and there is somone that I am crushing on. Actually there are a couple of them, but one really stands out. Now here's my problem with the love life, ladies listen up if you're one of the ones who was interested and are reading this, I really don't focus much on it. Simple as that like I know that if I wanted to I can get a girlfriend, but right now it seems like it's too much of a hassle no offense to the girls, but idk I'm going to focus a little more on that soon... just not right now. I know it makes me sound like a nonchalant jerk, but it really isn't that way I just feel like I've seen too many people rush and screw up and there is just so much college stuff going on that I haven't focused on that at all. It's been like this for a while now but pretty soon I'm gonna go for it.

Speaking of college stuff, there is a bit of bad news on that part...... I had to withdraw from a class. Yep I know I'm terrible, but it was just not going well for me in that class. I will make up the credit next semester of course, but the late start and everything threw me off with the rhythm of the class and I never caught up to it. On a brighter note withdrawing from English left me open to do better in the rest of my classes. I've been doing great in theology and management Philosophy pretty good and in Intro to Legal Studies that one test that we took is hanging over me like a spectre I need more assignments in that class to make up. Also freeing up more time has given more time to the party haha.

Speaking of party haha let's just say I was "pleasant" a couple of weeks ago... for the record I'm a fun drunk... to bad you'll never see that Rey ever again... the end.

Another note I'm really serious about finding a job now. So if you know of somewhere I can work in the Bronx with flexible hours let me know, because I'm in serious need of a cash flow.

Other than that I've been feeling pretty good... I need to catch up with my friends and have some real talk with KRC I miss those guys so much, so if you guys are reading this we desperately need an Emmaus Madden Night man I've got stuff to tell ya.

Oh and another thing I wanted to write about! I hate the fact that little things send people off into stupid hissy fits where they don't want to talk to you ever again afterwards.... You know what I say to that... okay... simply okay like this person has done it before so It's nothing new... I'll give her a month or two to get over it and she'll probly text me some random chain letter asking me to rate her or somethin again... whatever I'll be here and I'll still greet ya with a smile. This will be the last you hear of this incident though.

I've found this insatiable need to read now too. And I love it.. like before I loved reading, but now it's like another level of love. I find out so much through reading that it's like I want a book in every subject now haha... (just wait until I send out my wish list) and reading the Times now too which keeps me up to date on world affairs as well as gives me ideas on what to do with my weekends haha I love it.... It's great.

All in all I'm happy with where I am now in life I've lost some of the baggage holding me down and found so many possibilities.

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