Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rey Rey becoming a monk!

Haa no I am not gonna go to the extreme but I did go to a meditation... class? I guess you can call it that.

I went because my favorite class' professor invited the class to go as a student activity thing she has going on... only me and this other guy Noah ended up going >.< but I went in not knowing what the hell meditation was about... so the instructor- Hattower I think was his name... he starts explaining what it's like and asking around the circle for people's names you know the usual pleasantries... and I'm diggin it and then we get to the actual meditation and I'm all zenned out and just with myself no one in the room even existed at that point for me just me and the occasional passing of thoughts.

The result? I love it! I'm making it a part of my daily routine cause the way I felt afterwards is just amazing to me.. no worries no judgements just me it was beautiful I have to say it is the first time I've felt that way in a while if not ever! I definitely recommend meditation to anyone reading this it's a great way to get yourself and clear your mind. I have decided to go to this meeting every Wednesday and anyone going to St. John's reading this should try it as well they meet every Wednesday in room 119 of Marillac.

Man the stuff that I'm learning through college is simply amazing... I love it!

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