Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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Don't know what to name this post but ya.

We have entered into 2010!

New decade man it's crazy I've seen two decades already in my life.

But anyways a lot has happened since the last time I posted. The holidays, new year, the earthquake in Haiti. The holidays were fun although it wasn't the family togetherness I would have hoped for it was still a good time with the immediate fams. New Year was fun with the friends. And I was heartbroken watching the people of Haiti after the effects of the earthquake last week.

Ha speaking of friends it seems to me that their has been a lot of talking behind people's backs going around. And some other people are being picked on among our friends and that has been something that has really begun to bug me. And there is also someone who I feel has betrayed my good faith in them and done something that warrants me forfeiting my support for them. But all in all I still have the same band of brothers and sister among my friends. I think this will eventually come to a boil and someones feelings are going to be hurt so sooner or later I'm gonna have to suggest that we get together and have a real venting about how some of us feel.

Haiti is something that's just like wow. I'ts one of those moments in my life where I look back and just get everything in perspective. I see how lucky I am and my responsibility to those less fortunate than I. It's crazy you always think that it can never get worse off, but then there's a point where it does. And then all that's left is to recover and continue. I pray for the people of Haiti so that they can come together and forge onward.

Well a lot of good things are happening in my life. My mom is on the verge of getting a new car and passing on her old one unto me. I feel more confident in my academic abilities after one semester under my belt. And once again I am shown how fortunate I am compared to learn of other's mistakes instead of living them myself.

Ah and one issue that has stood out to me lately and I've been pondering over it the past couple of weeks. Lately there have been a few groups or pages on facebook saying that if you want to live in America then you have to learn "our" language English. Well although the U.S. doesn't have an official language I do see the point in that if we do not have a common general language then it cannot work. So therefore it is best to learn the language for working towards a common goal in our society. I do agree with that point however, I totally disagree with the way these groups are bashing those who do not speak English. Bashing and mudslinging are never a good means of working toward your goal so therefore I agree with the people who say that we must work with these people to learn the language, because it is hard to learn something when you are past a certain age and when you had poor education to begin with. That is one obstacle another in my opinion is the fact that we make fun of the way that people speak the language after they have learned it. It's like you wanted me to speak YOUR language as we have put it and then you make fun of me. How would you feel if that's how people looked at your situation you can't win because if you don't learn it they bash you then you do learn it and they still bash you for your accent. People need to stop.

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