Sunday, March 7, 2010

A break

So this break off of school is already off to a great start. Chilled with my boy Kev yesterday had a great time and found maad cool shiz in his room! Then got home and enjoyed Air bud even though the idea behind these movies is stupid I still had a good time watching it with my lil bro and cuz. Then today woke up and just chilled with the momma and broski then went to mass and now watching futbol with my poppa haha it's pretty good.

Also today I discovered I am indeed a trophy whore when it comes to my PS3 haha I find myself constantly in quest to get the trophies for my games haha yes I am that much of a loser but whateva whateva I don't care haha it's who I am and had a great part in my upbringing.

So yeah this break is going swell so far haha I think the rest were to follow this weekend I would be satisfied.

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