Thursday, September 23, 2010


Yeah remember how I said i would falter in my new eyes post? Yeah well it happened today idk I just got a random surge of depression like nothing would get me out of it, but I'm out of it haha. Like I haven't really done much since that post but idk tomorrow i'm going to Spellman to send in my transcript request and I'm really thinking of t transferring to a SUNY upstate now man I feel like the dormed life is what I really need.

Last night I asked myself if could do whatever I pleased and no one could say no and had to follow my course of action then what would I do. My answer was either get and apartment with a roomie (preferably a hot/cute girl type haha) and go to school downtown get a job pay my own rent and have my own furniture and stuff or go away to like a third world country and live with people helping with whatever I can. Total opposites it seems. But I would be ecstatic with either opportunity. I need to get out of this rut I feel I'm in but I still have that feeling from last week!

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